Sylvia Van Hossen
Vital statistics
Position Noble of the Flemish Principality of Eastern Europe
Age 18
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 168 cm
Weight 50 Kg

One of the four main heroines of the series. Sylvie is a noble of the Flemish Principality of Eastern Europe. She is the fiancée of Arima Teppei and his sparring partner. She is very skilled in sword fighting and enjoys her bouts with Teppei. She is a bit reserved and is trying to understand Teppei as a friend first. She is the elder of the two daughters of Vincent Van Hossen, the head of the Van Hossen family. Maria Van Hossen, her younger sister, wants her to marry Teppei. Sylvia is the best friend of Charlotte, the Princess of Hazelrink. She is also the captain of the Flemish military calvary. She is a hard woman with high standards and has a tendency to be outwardly repulsed by Teppei. She has difficulty expressing her feelings around him and is better with actions than words. She loved her late mother very dearly but was unable to cry at her funeral. Her feelings for Teppei are similar to those she has for her mother's memory. While she grew up Flemish, she has not spent much of her mature life in that nation and attends school in Japan. Sylvie usually dominates Teppei when in a duel, though she just wins by a mere half second showdown. In the 9th episode she admits to Seika that she could not understand her feelings towards Teppei and in the 11th episode shows her true feelings to Teppei with a kiss.

B.W.H: B88 W57 H87